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Paradox OmegaBabies, 105ml

Nutritional Information per 2 Squirts (4ml)
PARADOX OMEGA OIL                        3640mg
Omega3                                           875mg               
Of which EPA DPA DHA                      765mg
Omega6                                           127mg
Omega9                                           946mg
 Vitamin D3               36% RDA          1.8 μg
 Vitamin E                 30% RDA          3.6 mg
Energy                                             32 Kcal
Protein                                               0
Carbohydrates                                     0
Fats                                                 3.6 g

RDA = EC Recommended Daily Allowance.
At present no EC RDA for fatty acids.
6-12 MONTHS 2ml, 12 MONTHS + 4ml

Brain and eye development
Early infancy is recognised as a critical period for both brain and eye development and growing evidence suggests that Omega 3 and Omega 6 play an important role in neurodevelopment and Omega 9 is recognised  as important in heart health and improves immune function. Furthermore, the long-chain omega-3 fatty  (DHA) is an essential structural component of the brain. Researchers at the University of Milan report that infants whose formula contains long- chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have better brain development than children who do not receive DHA . The observation supports earlier findings that there is a direct correlation between the DHA concentration in the red blood cells of infants and their visual acuity. It is recommended that infants who are not breastfed be fed on a DHA-enriched formula or with Omega 3 supplementaion. Paradox provides a safe and effective way for infants to obtain the correct balance of stabalised Omega long chain fatty acids, a particularly important issue since a dislike of fish is not uncommon nor are fears of fish consumption due to the presence of mercury and other contaminants. *1,2,3
Immune system development
Infants are born with an immature immune system. Important characteristics of the immature immune system are an inadequate ability to produce certain cytokines (hormones that activate the immune system), researchers conclude that daily fish oil supplementation between the ages of 9 and 12 months accelerates the maturation of infants’ immune systems and may be helpful in avoiding the development of allergic disorders.*4
Vit D3
Studies show the fundamental role Vitamin D plays in disease and health. Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic and can silently develop in childhood affecting normal development in bones and other body systems. Paradox Omega Babies provides a large proportion of the RDA for Vit D3 in 6months +.*5
*1 Oken E, et al. Associations of maternal fish intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding duration with attainment of developmental milestones in early childhood: a study from the Danish National Birth Cohort. Am J Clin Nutr 2008 September;88(3):789-96 2 Innis, SM and Friesen, RW. Essential n-3 fatty acids in pregnant women and early visual acuity maturation in term infants. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87, 2008, pp. 548-57 3 Agostoni, Carlo, et al. Docosahexaenoic acid status and developmental quotient of healthy term infants. The Lancet, Vol. 346, September 2, 1995, p. 638
4 Damsgaard, CT, et al. Fish oil supplementation modulates immune function in healthy infants. Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 137, April 2007, pp. 1031-36 5 Vitamin D deficiency pandemic and consequences for nonskeletal health: mechanisms of action Holick - Molecular aspects of medicine, 2008

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